Driving sales with integrity; the Controlled Chaos way

Turn up the volume and turn your sales up a notch!  None of us can afford to throw away advertising dollars... Controlled Chaos brings you services customized to fit your needs!  Other dealers have seen incredible results and you can too!  You bring the inventory, we bring the rest! See our variety of services offered, customized to fit your specific needs. 


Specialized Training

Depending on what you are looking for, we have professional training for sales, sales management, and F&I.  We prepare your existing staff and teach them our time-tested, proven methods.  We bring you

programs that work.

Marketing Events

Marketing events range from a Surge Sale with 2-5 people, all the way to a full

blown event of 10-20 of our uniformed professionals to lead your customized sales event.  We number

and book-out your inventory, use our proven direct mail, trim out the dealership with banners and more.

Proven Direct Mail

Our automotive direct mail programs have been researched, developed and tested in our own 26 dealerships.  We pass on only the top performers that jump start your bottom line and produce new first-time customers.

Customer and Dealer Satisfaction! We want to come back and have a successful working relationship.
All you need is the inventory. We bring in the traffic!


Whether you need a good re-charge with your team, to re-gain market share, have gone through recent Managerial change, or are a newly acquired dealership, we have solutions for you!


Learn what we do for dealerships:


Whether you're looking for a part-time summer opportunity, full time sales position or becoming the next General Manager of a dealership, we have a spot for you!  


Learn what we do for individuals:

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