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About Us

Our Mission

Controlled Chaos is committed to delivering customized solutions through a tailored, results-driven process of marketing, training, and sales. Our goal as your event marketing company is to increase your sales and traffic within a positive working and team environment.

Our Story

We are the marketing division of a large auto group. Controlled Chaos has researched, developed and

tested direct mail programs in our own auto group, and the top-performing pieces are available for your

advertising campaigns. Controlled Chaos was founded within a group of 5 auto dealerships that has now

grown to 26. We found a way to take dealerships that were in trouble and make them very profitable.

Proven results were seen when utilizing sales events implementing direct mail campaigns to boost traffic.

With the results of consistent sales, a focus was developed to continue dealership sales growth within the

group. In order to elevate the quality of the sales event teams, the group of dealers formed Controlled

Chaos.  Sales continue to flourish in the dealer group and the secrets of success are too

good to keep to ourselves!


Our Team

Our professional team comes from a variety of backgrounds, ranging in age and education,

providing a multitude of experiences and unique skill sets. Since 2006, over 100 quality people that have

come into Controlled Chaos have been recruited, trained, and put in stores. Our personalized staff is

drug-tested regularly and each of our team members has workmans comp and general liability insurance

to protect the dealerships we service.






Mike, Sales Manager 



Jeff, General Manager


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